Monday, September 2, 2013

Pennsylvania Farm Wedding

This summer open and closed with my sister’s two weddings. Yes, that’s right: one sister, one husband, two weddings. The first was their dream, a destination wedding in Belize over Memorial Day Weekend. The second wedding fulfilled their wish of having all family and friends involved and was held in Pennsylvania over Labor Day Weekend. The Pennsylvania wedding also gave Lizzie and Kevin the chance to get married in a Catholic church, something that was too difficult a process in Belize.

Bags were packed, flights boarded, and road trips started to bring family and friends together for the wedding this past weekend in Somerset, Pennsylvania. I landed in Pittsburgh Thursday evening, met up with my father, and continued on to our hotel, The Georgian Inn.

The best part about Lizzie and Kevin having two weddings was that it brought us all together twice in a matter of months. With all of us stretched out across the country, we don’t get to see one another as much as we like. We all welcomed the opportunity to meet again so soon.

The reception was held at Kevin’s family farm, a property that has belonged to them for generations. It offered the best setting—the bright red barn, sparkling pond topped with geese and the lush green fields filled with chickens, turkeys, a miniature donkey, and sheep were absolutely picturesque.



Hydrangea-filled mason jars, burlap runners over white linens, hay bale seating areas, wine barrel cocktail tables, and more came together to create the perfect farm wedding reception. And, oh. Did I mention the bluegrass band? They were the icing on the cake.


Although I got much enjoyment from stomping my feet to the bluegrass band, hugging Ava the mini donkey, stealing extra cookies from the dessert table, and playing an ongoing game of horse shoes, nothing came close to the pure, simple joy of being with family. 

It was so wonderful to reconnect with my Uncle Aidan’s family from Ireland, whom I haven’t seen in about six years (and! Hearing the music that they performed at Lizzie and Kevin’s wedding ceremony was my favorite part of the whole day). I enjoyed getting to spend time with Garrett’s parents, brother, and my soon-to-be sister-in-law—it’d been too long since seeing the latter. It was nice to chat with the uncles and aunts that are spread out all over the country but came to be together for this special occasion. I loved spending time with my Michigan and New York cousins, laughing and gasping over stories, some remembered and some forgotten. I liked getting to meet Kevin’s extended family, to see the roots that he has sprouted from.  It was great to have my parents around, to again feel the comfort of being someone’s child after living life in the adult world. I loved being able to squeeze my nieces and nephew whenever the whim hit me.  I delighted in giggling with my sisters all day long. 

In the words of Maya Angelou, “I sustain myself with the love of family.” And so, Lizzie and Kevin, since you’ve proved to be so good in bringing family and friends together, I ask you this: 

When is wedding number three?

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