Tuesday, August 27, 2013

If You Give a Girl a Cupcake...

When I walked into work last Monday morning, my eyes landed on one thing: a box of Nothing Bundt Cake cupcakes. I groaned, slumped my shoulders, and gave up all hopes on eating healthy that day then and there.

I mean, come on! (Photo cred to Nothing Bundt Cakes website)

I love Nothing Bundt Cakes. I have no defense in their presence. And, that morning, I didn't have breakfast--my banana supply had run out the day before. With a sideways glace, I passed the cupcakes and thought to myself, just wait...maybe you won't want them in a little bit. Ha. That just made me want them more.

I of course made my way back to the lounge about 10 minutes later and snapped up a cupcake for breakfast. I tried to eat it slowly, taking breaks and walking away between bites. Nonetheless, it was gone in under 5 minutes.

That isn't the worst of it, though. The worst of it is that I continued to eat a second cupcake for breakfast. I rationalized eating the second one because it was the third to last red velvet cupcake in the box--and I just couldn't pass up red velvet. That red velvet secured the fate of my unhealthy eating for not only the rest of the day, but the rest of the week too.

And so my week was doomed.

Just how doomed, you ask? Let me tell you.

My week was filled with cupcakes, bagels, croissants. Goldfish crackers, potato chips and trail mix. Pasta, cheeseburgers, French fries, and burritos.

After a dinner of half a burrito and plate of French fries one night, I turned to Garrett with both eyebrows raised in the car.

"Think I'll make a cute pregnant lady?" I asked, stomach protruding.

"Drive," is all he said, "just drive."

That, folks, is what I mean by doomed. My stomach started and hasn't ceased protruding since that morning with the cupcakes. And no, I'm not pregnant with a baby--only pregnant with no self-control.

I am an indulgent person, through and through. In my eyes, life is too short to pass up the things we want most. I do like to elicit self-control, though. And for the most part, I'm pretty good at it. Just don't put anything from Nothing Bundt Cakes in front of me.

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