Friday, September 5, 2014

our lovely kitchen

I apologize for the lapse in time since my last post. It's for good reason, though, I swear.

I've been busy pursuing my love for food and quest to spread balanced, healthy perspectives of all things culinary. In doing so, our lovely kitchen was founded.

Because I wanted our lovely kitchen  to be a space that nourished a loving relationship with food, I felt the need to incorporate outside voices into its pages. Each of our relationships with how we eat are so individual, that I thought it might be detrimental for the site to only carry my perspective.

Thus, our lovely kitchen was born. So far, it contains the work of six different women (with more in the works!). We've come together to share recipes, tell our food traditions, give cooking tips, review restaurants, and more.

This new project has been nothing short of inspiring. I hope you'll check it out.


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