Sunday, November 10, 2013

To Ladies, With Love

We are spread out all over the country, some even across the world. It's been years since I've seen some of my friends and nearly half a decade since I've visited my home town. And though days, weeks, months pass between conversations, I still feel connected to the people who built me up to be who I am today.

A big part of that comes from social media, in being able to see their words or pictures spread across a screen. I get to be a third-party viewer of engagement videos, ultrasound pictures, travel logs, relationship news, career achievements and more. Through this viewership I feel a slight sense of being included in their story, of being kept in the loop. But nothing (aside from in-person reunions), absolutely nothing is better than being included through hearing a dear friend's voice on the other side of my phone.

With the best of friends, conversation is effortless. We catch each other up on the big current events in our lives and inquire about the other person's family. We giggle over funny stories and gasp over exciting news. And though it's been ages since we've spoken, we know exactly which questions to ask. Those questions are answered without hesitation, answered honest and true. No detail is spared, no emotions hidden. In giving or receiving words, there is no judgment, no shock. Just words, passing from mouth to ear, establishing an understanding between two people separated by time, space, and life.

It is this understanding that I cherish, the acknowledgement of one's state of being that I hold close to my heart. Knowing that I can pick up my phone, dial the number of a friend that I haven't spoken to or heard from in what seems forever, and instantly have us be in tune with one another's life means the world to me.

What I love most of all, though, is how each and every one of these conversations ends, with three simple words that mean so much. Hearing somebody say "I love you," is never, ever taken for granted. How good does it feel to be loved by someone that you've been separated from, to be loved by someone that hasn't seen you face-to-face in years ? Really good. It feels really good. To know that no matter where I am in life, I can always pick up the phone and have love and understanding in a matter of minutes? That feels really, really, really good.

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