Saturday, November 16, 2013


Wednesday, November 13th 2013 will forever be important to me, for it is the day that I moved to San Francisco.

I've been smiling ever since I stepped off of my flight in Oakland and into my sister's car. Garrett and I have been waiting some time to live in this city and the fact that this is now home is absolutely surreal.

My first full day in San Francisco was spent in phone calls and meetings, one of which brought me to a not-so-desirable part of the city. Though I walked two blocks in the wrong direction in the Civic Center neighborhood surrounded by frazzled drug addicts and delinquent cat-callers, I still consider my first day of taking public transportation solo a success; I arrived everywhere I needed to and on time to boot.

Day 1 closed with a lovely dinner in Palo Alto for which I was graciously allowed to fifth-wheel, followed by a visit to Cream, the most magnificent dessert shop ever (ice cream sandwiches made of freshly baked cookies and whatever flavor of ice cream you choose? I die.).

Today, I was appointment free and excited to take advantage of creating my own schedule. I woke, took care of some tasks, and headed out of my sister's Nob Hill home in the direction of a new Russian Hill coffee shop.

Isn't this just the loveliest walkway to leave through and come home to every day?
With the air refreshingly cool and the sun high in its blue skies, it was a beautiful day to spend walking slowly through the city. My curiosity high, I stretched my neck to see the top of each building and slowed to peek into alleyways. San Francisco was vibrant with color and happy energy.

I can't decide whether I like or hate this building; either way, I couldn't stop staring at it.
My walk led me to Saint Frank Coffee, a delightful coffee shop nestled behind bright, tall windows in Russian Hill.  The hardwood plank flooring against the white honeycomb tiling proved to be a happy design environment for trendy hipsters and young mothers to gather in alike.

After ordering an almond latte and crumbly chocolate croissant, I settled here for some time to knock out some emails and, of course, apply for more jobs.

Feeling accomplished and happy, I left Saint Franks with, of course, a smile on my face. Too hungry to explore further, I ate a non-adventurous (but still good!) lunch at La Boulange before heading back to Nob Hill.

A full belly and a happy heart, I skipped my way home up and over the hills of San Francisco.

I think that I am going to like living here very much.

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