Thursday, August 1, 2013

La Baignoire: DIY Bathroom Wall Art

For whatever reason, I went through a phase where I was obsessed with bathroom art. I saw the below French print of a bathtub online, and was inspired to make my own...

The daughter of an oil painter, I always seem to have an extra blank canvas or two lying around the house. I created my own bathroom art using the below materials:

1 canvas (I used a 20" x 24")
1 tube acrylic black paint
1 tube acrylic white paint
2 paint brushes--I'm not technical enough to know the sizes, but I used one large one for the base coat (mixed black & white to get a dark gray), a smaller one for the white and then black outline of the tub.
1 glass jar of water
1 newspaper (for spreading and mixing paint)

Now. My own version doesn't really compare to the above, but, well, that's ok. Even though it looks like a kid painted it...I just call that character.

It just felt good to create something of my own!

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