Thursday, June 27, 2013

Belize 2013: Saturday - Part II - Darling, It Wouldn't Be a Party Without You

Congratulations, hugs, and pictures followed the ceremony.

The newlyweds then departed with their photographer for a brief shoot while the wedding party continued on to cocktail hour.

We all gathered back in Cocoblanca, the site of both the rehearsal dinner and wedding reception. Drinks started pouring as appetizers were set out. The lower level of the restaurant buzzed with excitement for the events to come. Cheers and clapping exploded as the new Mr. and Mrs. Munhall entered through the main doors. The party had started.

And oh, did we party. Of the many awards doled out that night, I'd like to grant my sister "The Hardest Partier" trophy, with Kevin coming in at a close second.

But the partying, of course, came after dinner and speeches. Because nerves had taken over every cell in my body, I asked my father if I could skip ahead of his "Father of the Bride" speech and give mine first. Thankfully, he obliged. Of course he let me go ahead of him, because that gave him more time to perfect what was The. Best. Father. Of. The. Bride. Speech. Ever. He moved many a grown man (and woman, obviously) to tears.

My favorite part of the night? Sitting around Papa O' with my siblings and our spouses while he charmed the socks off of the room with his vocals.

There's nothing more special to me than gathering together around a piano or song book at family events. This was much more common when we were younger and hasn't happened in some time, so it was especially nice to sit with my sisters and our husbands and attempt singing along to Irish songs that none of us knew the words to. This memory will forever stay close to my heart.

My second favorite party of the night? Seeing my sister party HARD. God, she partied so hard. Like a champ. If only I could post some pictures without getting in trouble...

All in all, the wedding was a success, and not just because they both said "I do". Lizzie and Kevin were the most beautiful, happy and fun newlyweds that I've ever known. And man, did they throw one hell of a party wedding. I can't wait for round two.

If that's not love, what is?

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