Friday, August 2, 2013

Phoenix Food Friday: Carmel's Coffee & Bakery

Carmel's Coffee & Bakery
 4225 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix AZ, 85019
Carmel's ordering countertop. (I have to admit, I didn't take this picture. Thanks, internet!)
Cute. Small. Friendly. Light.
 Carmel's is located in a quaint 1940s house right off of Camelback. It's filled with vintage prints, chalkboard menus, and retro mismatching furniture. Even if their food and drink offerings were sub-par, which they aren't, I'd come in here for the ambiance alone.
We're so happy that Carmel's is on our morning commute and have the opportunity to stop in frequently. The owner is almost always there and recognizes his regulars, which we love. I'm a big fan of their Iced Toddy's and lattes--I prefer their drink menu to their food menu. Still, it's not rare that I pick up a scone or muffin if I'm in a rush, and they are pretty good (I just think my homemade ones are better), or sit down for a full breakfast to soak in the fun atmosphere.
Make this a coffee stop if you're in town!

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