Wednesday, August 14, 2013

DIY Mason Jar Vase

I've got a thing for mason jars. When I was growing up, my mom always made a ton of homemade jam every year, and we recycled the jars and used them as drinking glasses. For that, I like to claim that my obsession with mason jars started way before they got trendy.

I just think that they're cute, pretty, happy, and versatile. In my house, I use mason jars as containers for homemade jam (obviously), drinking glasses, soap dispensers (DIY tutorial to come soon), and vases.


For this DIY mason jar vase, you will only need 5 supplies:

1 Mason jar (I used Ball 16oz wide mouth mason jars)
1 paint brush for acrylic paint (whatever size you prefer--smaller will let you cover the detailed parts of the jar better)
1 tube acrylic paint (I used two tubes, white and blue, mixing them together to get my preferred shade of blue)
1 set of newspaper
1 glass/can/jar of water

(**Note: this project should cost you less than $10!)

Once you have your supplies, find a safe surface to paint on. Squirt the paint onto the newspaper and wet your brush. Dip your brush in the paint, and start painting your jar! It's as simple as that. I found it easiest to hold the jar with one hand on the inside while the other is painting. Once the jar is coated in paint (make sure to get in all of the tiny ridges), let it dry for a couple of hours. Once dry, apply another coat of paint. My jar only took two coats, some may take more.

When your mason jar is painted to your liking and completely dry, add your favorite flowers!

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