Thursday, July 25, 2013

Phoenix Food Friday: La Grande Orange

La Grande Orange Grocery & Pizzeria
 4410 N 40th St  Phoenix, AZ 85018

LGO's Famous French Pancakes

If you're not awake when you enter LGO, you may or may not get trampled. This place is bu-sy. And hip. And trendy. And bustling. 

There are two parts to La Grande Orange, the grocery and the pizzeria. The grocery is home to a selection of great wines, cute home d├ęcor, and unique gifts alongside pastries, coffee, and the breakfast/lunch menu. For breakfast I recommend the Croque Madame or the Famous French Pancakes. Attached but in a separate room is the pizzeria, and I DIE for the Gladiator Pizza (sausage and pepperoni). All of the pizzas have great thin, crispy, and chewy crust.

I give you...the Gladiator Pizza

 LGO is a fun place to visit, whether you're stopping in for a meal (they have ready-to-takeout meals too--we love the Chopped Turkey Salad!) or picking up a gift. Go, go!

LGO's Croque Madame

They have great coffee!

Their awesome outdoor patio!

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