Friday, February 1, 2013

Love yo' kids, love yo' wife

I love love. It's my favorite thing in the world. Love is what I hope for, what I believe in, who I am.

It shouldn't be difficult to surmise that I am a hopeless romantic, either.

I appreciate and practice all types of love: familial love, sisterly love, friendly love, conditional love, unconditional love, and romantic love.

My husband and I must say "I love you" to each other at least a dozen times a day. I'm like this with most people that I love and am comfortable telling. It's kind of like word vomit; I can't hold it back. All of the sudden I'm walking down the street with you, going about my business, and the love hits me. I have to tell you. I can't not--otherwise it builds up in my chest and becomes so uncomfortable until I can no longer bear it. And sometimes, even if I'm not that comfortable with telling you yet, I have no choice. I become overwhelmed with this need of sharing my love.

And it usually never comes during opportune, already heart-felt moments. It'll happen at the grocery store, or mid-conversation during dinner, rushed at the end of a phone call, while driving on the highway, or called over racks of clothing while shopping. I usually feel awkward about it, this compulsive need to tell you that I love you.

I guess it isn't the worst thing in the world, sharing my love for you. Most of you accept it graciously. Nobody's ever not replied with an "I love you too," which is pretty nice. I've been lucky in my ability to restrain my impulses for those that I knew the love was unrequited, seeing as they're usually so uncontrollable. I'm sure I've surprised a couple of people with my feelings; love can be so restrained these days. In my opinion, people don't tell the ones they love nearly enough.

This month, I challenge you to try it. Work the word "love" into your daily routine. Tell your mom, your dad, your siblings, your significant other, your friends, your pets. Tell anybody you love. There is great potential in making their day by uttering those three simple words. You may feel awkward, as I sometimes do, but in the end it's a nice thing to do, really.


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